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PEBS offers a wide variety of products addressing every stage of the employee life cycle. You are certain to find a solution that meets your needs to groom world class competent employees and effective leaders to sustain your business or government operations profitably.

Innovation and ingenuity are two words that best describe the solutions offered by PEBS. Many of our solutions are online, thus giving you more time as you navigate either our ProfileXT®, or leadership Checkpoint 360 suite.

The following services will help the Chairperson of a company board, or Minister in the cabinet to make the best appointment and lead well. When you are Managing Director in a private company or a Director General in a government department you need a set of reliable, globally relevant tools to help you in your organisation. Some of our more popular employment assessments include the ProfileXT®, Checkpoint 360™ and the Profiles Performance Indicator.
Our employment assessments provide validated and highly reliable information that can help your organisation make better hiring and management decisions. They help you select the right people, develop their professional skills, and establish effective succession planning.
At the very heart of service delivery protests are challenges of hiring decisions devoid of employee profiling and competency matching. PEBS seeks to assist national, provincial and local government make correct hiring decisions to enable business to function optimally.
Consistent with the company’s mission of human capital proficiency and grooming world class employees, South African businesses and government entities are poised to operate at globally competitive standards. PEBS will make it possible.

The bouquet of services which we offer will give you and your team the competitive edge needed to groom desirable staff, achieving world class results.

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