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DISCflex for Sales
DISCflex™ Reports are one of the best (and most widely used) profiling vehicles to assess a person’s overall behavioural tendencies.
By completing a DISCflex™ Assessment you reveal the elevations of four DISCflex™ Factors – Dominance, Influence, steadiness, and Compliance.
The DISCflex Sales report discusses the individuals General Behavioural Tendencies and then covers the following sections:
• Initial Interview
• Research & Discoveryarticle comppackages
• Mental Preparation
• Building Trust & Rapport
• Gathering Data
• Presentation Skills
• Decision Making
• Closing the Sale
• Relationship Building
• Motivators & Inspirational Forces
• Primary Motivational Elements
• Sales Improvement Action Plan
• Self-Improvement Action Plan
PEBS offers tailor made sales and leadership training and development that focuses on the exact needs of the sales manager and sales team.
We also offer Sales eTraining that allows staff the opportunity to learn when they want. They decide the time. There are no classes to attend meaning they can learn around their schedule at their own pace.
They can learn how they want. All eTraining courses are taught in three different formats: audio, video, and written formats.
Learn where they want. With leadership development eTraining, they can take this course at their desk, at home during quiet time, while exercising, or when they are travelling.

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